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Monday, May 24, 2010

Burrowing Owls of SW Florida

Some of the locations now are more difficult to shoot because the grasses are very high around some burrows.  The spring colors though, make for good backgrounds.

It's pleasant that these birds are somewhat tolerant of people, making them great birds to observe at a reasonable distance.  This also makes them good subjects to start learning bird photography and testing your skills, without having too many disappointing shots.  These birds have helped me get to know my equipment and limitations.  You also learn to wait a lot.  I use a monopod but a tripod is better since you are waiting for the right moment.  The monopod does make it easier to move around and change views quickly.

Many shots can be taken from the car.  The birds are more tolerant of a car it seems, a good window mount helps.  I use my monopod, shortened of course, and press it between the door and seat.

I'm not fat just shaking the dust off

Family moment
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